About karla
About karla
About karla
About karla
I am a design researcher and visual designer with experience as a freelancer and lead designer. My work focuses on human-centered design, service design, design & health, user experience design and visual design. I enjoy to work collaboratively with people who have diverse perspectives & backgrounds. I am a quick, empathetic and determined thinker, and I draw on my creative and technical skills to create innovative solutions to complex problems. I believe in the role of design in addressing today’s challenges, applying my experience to projects with positive social impact.

Originally from Nicaragua, now based in Switzerland. I have a bachelor's degree in visual communication design, and recently finished my master's degree in design research at the Bern University of the Arts, HKB. I am still connected to HKB, being part of the Health Care Communication Design research group, and as a master's thesis supervisor. I have experience working on multidisciplinary projects. I enjoy to be involved in innovative projects that respond to social, environmental, and cultural problems, involving and raising diverse voices and needs in the process of design.
What kind of works/projects drive me?
It drives me to collaborate in projects that contribute to our society, projects that have a positive social impact. The projects I most enjoy engaging with are the ones that respond to social, environmental and cultural issues, involving and bringing diverse voices and needs into the design process. I believe in a different approach of design, that is more than just creating in front of a computer, instead is a discipline that provides a broad methodological approach to developing meaningful projects and connections that address important needs for communities or groups of people. Currently I am driven to work in projects related to design & health, this as being part of the interdisciplinary group of Health Care and Communication Design at the Research Institute at HKB. 
What is my design path and process?
Through years of studies, jobs and life experiences, I have gained skills and abilities that drive me to work on challenging, diverse and out of my "comfort zone" projects. I like to consider myself a chameleon, as I believe I can quickly adapt to different ideologies, cultures, societies and environments. My process starts mainly by observing and analyzing the challenge that is ahead. I like to dedicate time to the research phase, as it is the basis of a solid project and will lead to the right answer/outcome in any complex project. I have skills in project management and development, I am structured but at the same time I give space to the fuzziness and messiness that sometimes the design process can bring but always coming back to the structure and the red thread. 
What are my beliefs and values?
My beliefs and values are connected to promoting generosity, kindness and solidarity among (us) people. I believe that the world can become a softer place if we practice empathy in our communities. I consider myself an intuitive, empathetic and curious person. I enjoy meeting new people; over the years I have lived in different places such as San Francisco, Managua and Bern, which has allowed me to have different perspectives on cultures and lifestyles. I am interested in establishing meaningful relationships with people from diverse cultures. 
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